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Therapeutics to prevent age-related disease and extend healthy lifespan.

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Our Mission

For the first time in human history the diseases that come as a consequence of simply getting older - such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and dementia - outweigh infectious disease as mankind's largest killers. New insights into the basic biology of aging, the major cause of all of these conditions, have led to multiple new approaches for fighting today's most deadly diseases.

Scientists are already creating new therapies to treat, delay, or even prevent these terrible diseases, allowing people to live healthier, longer lives. Apollo helps scientists and entrepreneurs build biotech companies with innovative strategic pathways to bring the first real medicines treating the damage of aging to patients.

We take the long view in creating the next generation of medicines. If an invention or therapy is just becoming ready to be accelerated to the clinic, Apollo serves as a strategic partner to scientists, helping them take their first steps as a biotechnology company. We help build great teams and leverage our network in the scientific and entrepreneurial communities to make sure our companies succeed.

Our Strategy

Discoveries in aging biology are ready for acceleration to the clinic, where they can treat age-related disease and extend healthy lifespan.

In the past decade, scientists have confirmed our understanding of the reasons we age at the molecular level.

  • Genomic Instability

    Genomic Instability

  • Telomere Attrition

    Telomere Attrition

  • Stem cell exhaustion

    Stem cell exhaustion

  • Epigenetic Alterations

    Epigenetic Alterations

  • Loss of proteostasis

    Loss of proteostasis

  • Altered intercellular communication

    Altered intercellular communication

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

    Mitochondrial dysfunction

  • Cellular senescence

    Cellular senescence

  • Deregulated nutrient sensing

    Deregulated nutrient sensing

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Apollo identifies the best science and helps entrepreneurs turn great discoveries into great companies.



Survey and evaluate the full scope of potential longevity technologies.

  • Delay Cellular Aging

    Delay Cellular Aging

    Develop pharmaceuticals to mimic successful strategies for delaying aging.

  • Repair Molecular Damage

    Repair Molecular Damage

    Reverse the damage that accumulates with age and leads to tissue dysfunction.

  • Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative Medicine

    Replace dysfunctional aging tissues with new, healthy ones.



Create a portfolio of medium- and long-term longevity investments.

  • Bioinformatics and diagnostic tools to make new discoveries about aging.

  • Clinical supplement or nutrition products to slow aging.

  • Pharmaceuticals for treating age-related diseases.

  • Advanced therapeutics for age-related damage.



Execute a unique strategy to create longevity therapeutics.

  • Lean and flexible drug development models to maximize capital efficiency of start-ups.

  • Enter clinical trials for existing indications with clear regulatory paths.

  • Work with pharma, regulators, and insurers to preventatively treat the damage of aging.

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