Director of Medicinal Chemistry I (f/m/d)

Apollo Ventures is a life science venture capital firm and life science company builder working across Europe and North America. Apollo is unique among investment firms due to its focus on a specific field of scientific research – the basic biology of aging. Apollo helps scientists working on understanding how and why we age to set up companies based on their discoveries, then builds those companies together with scientists and biotech professionals.

Apollo Ventures is looking for an experienced Director of Medicinal Chemistry for one of our portfolio companies, focused on geroprotector screening. The job is based in Europe, and allows remote work. You will periodically visit Paris, Graz, Hamburg, and Oxford.

In your new role, you will manage the drug discovery program across two world class academic laboratories that have state-of-the-art phenotypic screening platforms and the medicinal chemistry optimization program in partnership with a world leading CRO.

You would have the unique opportunity to shape one of the most exciting pharmaceutical companies of the last decade, and to be part in one of the most dynamic fields of research.

Apollo Ventures offers

  • Being part of and able to shape one of the most interesting and challenging fields of research – the geroscience and the biology of aging
  • High degree of responsibility from day one
  • Work alongside the CEO of the portfolio company
  • The opportunity to work in a highly motivated international team
  • A competitive salary
  • Equity package

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Manage SAR-compound testing in cell- and animal models in academic labs and CROs, in consultation with our biologists
  • Analyze complex data sets from above testing to generate structure-activity relationships and hypotheses for optimization
  • Coordinate a medicinal chemistry team at our med chem CRO, working in concert with two world class med chem and natural products chemistry advisors, you will design the follow-on round of biologically active compounds, prioritize target compounds and plan their syntheses (to be handled by the CRO)
  • Provide innovative contributions which inform and shape the project portfolio and the strategic direction of the company
  • Discuss, present and publish research results internally and externally
  • Take the leading internal role in the reporting required to file for new IP (in collaboration with our IP council)
  • Source chemical libraries to be tested on our two platforms. Specifically, review the chemistry and drug discovery literature to identify molecules that act on known geroprotective biochemical pathways, or are analogs of molecules known to act on these pathways
  • Meet with academic biochemists and technology transfer offices who have identified hits or leads, in concert with world-class biomedical scientists within our company and the Apollo Ventures network


  • Doctoral degree in preparative organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry
  • >5 years of experience as a Medicinal Chemist, working in drug discovery within a Pharmaceutical, CRO or Biotechnology company
  • Track record in leading teams or projects in the discovery- and lead-optimization phase of small-molecule drugs
  • Successful contributions towards achievement of project milestones, ideally with several compounds having been handed over to CMC
  • Comprehensive and state of the art knowledge in QSAR, modern synthetic methodologies (incl. ability to interact with computational medchemists) and medicinal chemistry
  • Solid knowledge of partner disciplines related to drug discovery (pharmacology, ADMET, patents, …)
  • Solid leadership skills including demonstrated responsibilities in the interaction with other R&D disciplines
  • Proficient oral and written communication skills in English language


Interested applicants should submit a cover letter + CV to

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